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Sword and Scale Nightmares

  • What a Boar

    7 DEC 2023 · In 2016, a notorious Polish librarian took flight to the island of Malta after brutally mutilating a beautiful language teacher named Katarzyna Jaroszyńska. Police were thrust onto a dark journey into the twisted mind of a brilliant and sadistic murderer. Baffled at the savage crime, detectives must uncover the truth and bring the elusive killer to justice.
    26m 58s
  • Such Drama

    23 NOV 2023 · When a promising young actress is raped and murdered in her childhood bedroom, her family and the police department are stunned as to who could have done this. Two linking crimes eventually lead to the same unassuming suspect.
    29m 36s
  • Sucker

    9 NOV 2023 · During some of Romania’s toughest times under Communist control, a vampire stalked the streets after midnight seeking out prey to satisfy his urges for blood and death. While the crimes were initially ignored to spare the country’s reputation, Ion Rimaru would finally be caught and named the Butcher of Bucharest.
    27m 48s
  • Sugar

    26 OCT 2023 · 18-year-old Aprina Paul was a nursing student following her dreams when she mysteriously went missing. Her mother Alice Larrue never gave up hope, even when Aprina’s killer continued to harass her.
    26m 17s
  • No Good Deed

    12 OCT 2023 · Mormons and entrepreneurs Tony and Katherine Butterfield were the kind of people who gave a leg up to anyone who needed it. They invited jobless citizens to work for their landscaping company and homeless ones into their home. So on the morning of April 18th, 2020 no one could believe it when screams were heard coming from their house, and the pair were discovered fatally wounded while their three small children wondered what just happened. Detectives assumed a disgruntled ex-employee came for revenge even in the quiet town of West Jordan. But the motive for this slaughter was far more insidious.
    32m 41s
  • Nice Shot

    28 SEP 2023 · In Tennessee in 2005 a jury was faced with a difficult question. What would you do if you were in Kim Cunningham’s place? It was a difficult question to answer. After the law failed her once Kim gunned down a man in broad daylight before turning herself in. She claimed it was all for her kids.
    28m 44s
  • Porcelain

    14 SEP 2023 · In the spring of 2006, a bubbly young woman with close ties to friends and family suddenly goes missing, leaving behind all of her personal belongings and a ransacked apartment. When Christina Eubanks turns up dead, everyone wants the truth. But the truth won’t come so easily and jurors would find themselves wondering if the victim was spontaneoulsy struck or if she was slain over a dirty secret.
    28m 2s
  • Paper Thin

    31 AUG 2023 · Neighbors in a Santa Cruz beachside bungalow are alarmed when a strange smell starts emitting from one apartment building. No one could have imagined what happened inside.
    25m 15s
  • Doctor Death

    17 AUG 2023 · In 2008, something strange started happening in Omaha, Nebraska. Multiple members of Creighton University Medical Center’s pathology department were targeted in violent crimes. Five years later, it happened again. Police and people in the community were scratching their heads. How could anyone have a grudge against a group of doctors?
    30m 6s
  • Spoiled

    3 AUG 2023 · Not hearing from her sister in a while Pamela Powel called the police. Upon a welfare check the police would discover her home was empty. It wasn’t just Alison Sapikowski that was missing, it was her husband James, and her high school-aged son Adam. When the police began canvassing the neighborhood asking questions they would reveal a most shocking reason the Sapikowskis were nowhere to be found.
    29m 48s
Welcome to Sword and Scale Nightmares! True Crime for Bedtime. Your nightmare begins now...

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