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  • Debating SNEAKO & Myron

    15 MAY 2024 · This Podcast is sponsored by Prizepicks. Download Prizepicks today and use CODE: BRADLEY when you sign up to get a $100 matched deposit for first time depositors! This Podcast is sponsored by Betterhelp. Go to and get 10% off your first month! 0:00 Intro  0:17 PrizePicks Ad 1:12 Sneako and Myron being canceled 2:56 Less free speech that’s okay on other platforms 4:45 Is it necessary what sneako and myron do 7:58 Building connection with audience 12:53 Becoming an A list celebrity 13:35 When will mainstream media die 14:46 The level of basis you can hit on platforms 16:43 do sneako and myron ever go to far? 17:44 Men and women not being the same 21:18 The ratchet dumb chick is what gets clipped 23:43 Feeding into the clips 24:40 Out of 3K shows Fresh and Fit have kicked out 200 girls 25:37 Myron getting made fun of for being small 27:17 Fat shaming 28:31 A guy being successful at the gym 28:43 Holding your standards 29:46 Why does the world have bumpers everywhere 31:49 Is there a better way to encourage people 34:07 All gender bathrooms 38:27 There is two types of guys 38:54 Influencers being leaders more than actually leaders 41:23 Feminism 45:07 The government lying to us… 46:53 Same sex marriage 51:16 Myrons haters saying he is gay 53:16 Sneako and myron doing boxing/mma training 54:19 Myron and brad on overwatch 1:00:43 Cyber bulling over gaming now 1:02:10 What changed and what happened to nickmercs 1:04:28 Brad caught a pedo with vitaly 1:07:16 Power and control 1:09:28 could you be a good person without certain beliefs 1:11:31 Being Hypocritical about your own actions 1:13:49 Why sneako and myron get the resistance they do 1:18:02 Have they gotten less or more hate in the last year 1:20:15 What sneako and myron think of brad 1:22:40 Sneako being banned 1:24:23 Marijuana being the devil at one point 1:28:56 Online dating 1:29:49 Stop being average 1:31:50 What feminism has done 1:35:13 The government is distracting us 1:38:14 Why sneako and myron got banned on IG 1:38:34 Will YouTube ever change 1:41:00 The comedy back then 1:43:59 The idea of being a celebrity is dying 1:46:58 Myrons beef with Andrew Schulz 1:48:29 Maintaining celebrity status 1:51:26 Myron was a fed at one point 1:53:46 The time everyone was hating on brad on the internet 1:56:08 everyone came after fresh with the pregnancy 2:07:16 Smuggling 2:21:30 Diddy human trafficking 2:24:10 Trump case 2:32:39 What is going on in the world 2:37:24 are sneako, myron, and brad happy 2:38:11 Pedos and putting them in cuffs 2:41:29 the hard part of having and feeling happiness 2:52:13 Brad looking back at his childhood and understanding 2:54:29 where sneako and myron are really at 2:57:06 Brads prayer 2:58:24 When the religion stuff shifted for sneako 3:00:31 Dubai 3:01:32 Being childless 3:02:50 Myrons book 3:04:21 How do we make America great again 3:05:09 Zoo culture Miami 3:05:26 how much passive income before leaving america 3:07:34 margins on running a gym 3:12:44 living in California
    3h 19m 34s
  • Suga Sean Accepts Fight vs Conor McGregor and Ryan Garcia

    7 MAY 2024 · This Podcast is sponsored by Prizepicks. Download Prizepicks today and use CODE: BRADLEY when you sign up to get a $100 matched deposit for first time depositors! 0:00 intro 0:17 PrizePicks Ad 2:30 Tom Brady roast 3:05 are people becoming less sensitive 3:59 what’s different in Seans life 7:03 ufc becoming the most popular sport 7:22 Suga Sean on Conor McGregor 9:20 Conor vs. Suga 10:20 Sean and Ryan Garcia beef 12:38 is what Ryan did planned? 14:39 what else does sean want to do in this space 17:13 are fighters recognizing to leverage social media 19:18 Merab vs suga sean 20:30 Sean has been streaming lately 22:21 seans girl likes to keep their life private 23:10 Ryan Garcia taking steroids 27:53 other businesses Sean wants to create 29:44 the most followers sean has gained after a fight 31:33 the keys to being successful 34:34 does Sean ever have doubts 36:06 if Sean lost would it stop his growth? 37:01 what social media is the most important for growth outside of fighting 38:13 snapchat being the best app 39:21 sean streaming with adin, made him look bad 39:54 how Sean feels about streaming 40:22 the coolest celebrity suga has met 42:38 the ufc 44:06 feedback on doing live guest
    44m 45s
  • US Military Navy Seal & Special Ops Tell War Stories & Explain The Keys to Success

    30 APR 2024 · 0:00 intro 0:58 being in the military, introduction angel and mike 5:05 how they found themselves going to the military 7:44 the training going into the military 9:06 what it’s like being in the military 11:51 the fear of going on a mission, but also feeling like the scariest dude alive 13:13 how often does a mission end in bloodshed 14:37 angel gave a kidney to one of his teammates wife 17:12 putting your life on the line and not being taken care of 17:59 starting a company to have a home for vets 20:54 feeling like an outsider 22:11 the need to normalize behavior 25:14 having that PTSD moment from the military 30:57 how many people have angel and mike lost 35:36 something that stood out to angel that still effects him 37:48 what keeps Angel up when he is up 41:30 dealing with suicide bombers 50:32 have they ever felt bad for killing other people on missions? 51:30 mike expressing how they stepped up for their country 53:46 angel and mike's perspective on how the US Govt. moves 57:59 will politics ever change? 1:00:25 feeling questioned on servicing the military 1:03:49 angel explains, what happens when you donate a kidney 1:09:46 what gives angel and mike the most purpose now 1:13:37 angel and mikes opinion on being alpha on the internet 1:26:10 takes trust and believing yourself for this world 1:27:04 mikes take on how the internet is on how it got you there 1:28:47 what it takes and how we have lost ourself as a country of being the best 1:31:12 experiencing failure 1:33:37 brad expressing what his dad allowed for him to do and his success 1:36:54 respecting entrepreneurs 1:38:09 why are people afraid of failing 1:45:42 the internet being fake 1:46:04 passing on the message to veterans
    1h 47m 40s
  • Bradley Martyn Confronting Greg Doucette, Explains His Beef w/ Tren Twins, & Years of Gear Use

    23 APR 2024 · This Podcast is sponsored by Prizepicks. Download Prizepicks today and use CODE: BRADLEY when you sign up to get a $100 matched deposit for first time depositors! This podcast is sponsored by Schedule 35. Get 15% off with code RAWTALK at 0:00 intro 0:17 prizepicks ad 2:37 what is greg most passionate about 3:13 when brad started fitness content 3:33 greg on relationships 4:29 how greg started getting into fitness 6:39 growing up and working out 8:46 Gregs diet for shows 9:35 gregs 47 shows drug free and 59 shows in total 10:29 greg on steroids 11:21 when greg did powerlifting 12:08 what lead greg to the internet 13:53 how greg went to commentary content 14:55 why do people lie about taking gear 17:09 why are people so obsessed with being natural or not 18:48 taking tren 21:13 what greg felt the best on most consistently 22:24 Gregs beef with the tren twins 24:14 Gregs cookbook 25:22 people getting mad at greg for trying to make money 28:44 greg made a video on brad thinking he lied 29:32 the space of the fitness industry 30:20 the best overal diet 32:00 everyone should be doing cardio 35:09 speaking on alcohol 38:06 why are people staying "plugged in" 39:01 Gregs bad relationships 42:01 what lending money to friends can do 44:00 greg on his content, will it change? 46:01 people being afraid to be themself 49:40 people wanting to see successful people go down 50:39 advice on how to have success 52:42 schedule 35 ad 53:26 how to build confidence 57:19 the best way to be okay with failing 59:28 does time ever trip you out 1:00:44 Gregs videos 1:01:50 clickbate 1:05:37  you have to talk sh*t to girls to get them to like you 1:08:04 the corniest fitness person 1:10:10 LA compared to Canada 1:11:14 greg has a criminal record for selling steroids 1:12:33 biggest red flags a girl can have 1:16:18 fat girls or ugly men, who has it harder? 1:18:44 height being important? 1:23:19 greg on being short 1:24:22 Gregs best deadlift 1:24:58 what makes someone really strong? 1:27:37 what shows the most on being natty or not 1:30:17 Garcia vs haney 1:31:05 greg being canceled on TikTok 1:35:28 was it hard for greg to get girls 1:37:10 greg on geting a hair transplant 1:41:37 did greg cut years off of his life? 1:42:49 is the world the worst its ever been now or the best? 1:45:11 has greg every been unproductive 1:51:42 the internet being good and bad 1:53:44 greg being misunderstood 1:56:15 lebron James natty? 1:56:58 natty or not explained 1:58:40 is the rock natty? 2:02:22 opinion on pro hormones and sarms 2:05:14 greg being able to travel 2:06:16 taxes in the US and Canada 2:09:33 abusing steroids
    2h 12m 11s
  • Bob Menery Tells Truth Behind Nelk Lawsuit, Fighting Jake Gyllenhaal & A Two Year Depression

    16 APR 2024 · This Podcast is sponsored by Betterhelp. Go to and get 10% off your first month! 0:00 intro  1:05 bob feels like a lot of people hate him 1:45 the dr Phil episode 2:47 where bob learned how to podcast/talk 4:39 what bob enjoys the most right now 4:55 being old on the internet, the negativity 7:22 any doubts before the internet 8:17 bob wants to be an actor / roadhouse 13:24 bobs relationship with nelk 16:54 the last 2 years for bob 18:01 bob and relationships 19:57 content with sketch 20:44 bobs been wilding out 25:38 sitting down with dr. Phil 26:28 aderoll 27:38 the biggest mistake bob has ever made/ learning from them 30:20 streaming casino in the US 31:42 getting drake on fullsend podcast 33:20 dana white and bob 34:54 where Steiny came from 37:43 what has Steiny taught bob 38:42 better help ad 39:55 bob wants to fight 41:49 5 names bob can beat up 45:21 jk rowling and harry potter 46:05 who bob would like to interview 47:10 jimmy kimmel is a hater 48:03 bobs perspective on the world 51:37 airline security and what you only need... 55:10 the government preventing things from happening 55:43 flying on airplanes 57:06 what is going to happen to the world 59:08 preventing suicide 1:08:02 daddy issues different for male and female 1:11:08 finding purpose 1:13:26 one thing thats messed up brad more than anything in last 5 years 1:14:47 how happy is brad out of 10 right now 1:16:47 jobs before the content space 1:17:49 why its hard to not have 10/10 greatfulness 1:19:19 why are people so lazy these days... 1:20:54 how bob got out of depression 1:25:30 why have we lost the work ethic 1:27:03 how bob found his break 1:28:42 people feeling entitled 1:29:38 how happy is bob right now 1:32:34 cheating in a relationship 1:38:09 head game being important? 1:39:43 what bob does with his girls 1:46:04 Kyle Is involve 1:47:42 bob said he pulls
    1h 49m 58s
  • Polo G on Being Charged, Beef w/ Adin Ross & New Music…

    14 APR 2024 · 0:00 intro 0:39 how important social media is to polo 2:34 being an artist 3:20 what polo g focuses on image wise 4:42 where polo g’s music is coming from 5:38 brad’s first heartbreak 6:48 polo g on relationships 9:51 does polo struggle with time and balance 11:03 prior to money has polo had a perspective on what really matters 12:21 what does polo g do to find the balance 13:01 what has working out changed in polo's life 15:08 what polo g likes and hates the most about the gym 16:41 the goals polo had written down 17:50 the paper brad wrote when he was 6 19:00 what makes polo g him 20:10 why polo g went to jail 20:57 the shadiness of the music industry 22:18 has polo g ever been burnt out in the music space 24:57 making the team tighter 25:44 polo g being only artist to have 3 albums with 10 songs platinum or gold 28:44 what creates the most anxiousiness in polo's life 31:01 does polo g ever think he is doing the wrong thing? 31:55 hood poet album 35:23 what polo deals with now to the heart 37:08 red flags with friends and family 38:38 how to know someones there for you and not what you have 40:10 being concered with where the world is at 42:07 polo having good direction growin up 43:51 polo g being a father 44:26 what does polo g enjoy the most outside of music 45:27 polo being spiritual 47:35 what influences polo g 49:58 the big three 51:34 polo g is never getting in beef 53:19 thoughts on mumbling rappers 54:12 polo g on singing 54:48 polo g's direction in music 57:46 why polo left Chicago 59:18 who polo wants to make music with 1:02:35 polo g's perspective on parties 1:03:55 people trying to get views and attention 1:04:43 polo g on the internet 1:05:29 why are people so caught up in the negativity 1:10:06 what polo gets caught up in 1:12:45 why it's not so simple to drop albums 1:13:37 is it better to sign a label or go independent 1:14:09 what platforms for content polo g is on or wants to get on 1:14:47 polo g and adin ross 1:16:13 why haven’t artist streamed 1:17:53 would polo g eve box? 1:18:51 brad or polo g in a street fight 1:20:13 advice from polo on being consistent in the gym 1:22:34 does the amount of time on an album matter?
    1h 23m 13s
  • Banks tells the TRUTH about FaZe Clan, losing his father, & a web3 Future

    4 APR 2024 · This podcast is sponsored by Transcend, go to and get 40% off everything. 0:00 Intro 0:33 bringing internet 2017 to 2024 2:00 life expectancy 2:43 crypto 5:11 we need the internet 8:20 banks on nft’s 11:07 getting scammed from crypto 14:06 finding people who are actually solid 15:26 banks on faze clan 22:21 finding talent 24:30 will banks ever stream again? 25:41 faze rain 27:03 what probably nothing is 27:50 twitter vlogging 30:00 what video games did for banks 34:18 transcend ad 36:10 is faze going to turn into a crypto company? 38:38 finding the balance in faze 41:08 faze being the first content house 42:04 what faze did for banks 43:16 what content banks is looking for 43:58 would banks sign adin ross? 45:06 when banks knew there was a problem with faze 48:24 what you leave behind and teach people is what only matters 50:08 Steve Jobs changed the world 50:33 how banks stays grounded after his dad passed 53:46 brad on losing his father and how it changed life for him 1:00:55 there is so much more on the internet and changes 1:01:58 pitfalls for humanity 1:04:24 jobs are now obsolete 1:07:11 what the future looks like 1:10:11 truth is becoming blurry 1:11:40 what makes banks the happiest 1:15:36 what is a big part of being happy 1:17:43 the way life goes 1:21:12 brad on banks
    1h 22m 46s
  • Is Sketch REAL?

    2 APR 2024 · This Podcast is sponsored by Prizepicks. Download Prizepicks today and use CODE: BRADLEY when you sign up to get a $100 matched deposit for first time depositors! This podcast is sponsored by Schedule 35. Get 15% off with code RAWTALK at 0:00 Intro  0:17 Prizepicks Ad 1:37 how long sketch has made content for 2:46 sketch can’t read 4:08 does sketch have a condition 6:19 the first clip brad saw of sketch 7:33 sketch was on brads stream 9:26 sketch before the internet 10:58 sketch ghosted his therapist 11:23 what sketch’s childhood was like 12:26 does sketch smoke? 15:04 what sketch mainly streams 15:33 sketch doesn’t read his chat 17:09 sketch has a deal with twitch 17:32 sketch’s first viral clip 18:28 how sketch got into clipping content 21:42 who do people love sketch so much? 23:06 the value of streaming 24:46 sketch before streaming 25:35 schedule 35 ad 27:05 sketch’s first stream ever 28:47 sketch’s do and font’s 29:38 sketch getting lasik 31:14 the car crash sketch got in 32:03 the most fun sketch has right now doing... 32:37 what creator sketch watched growing up 33:10 sketch came to Steves in a helicopter 34:03 sketch wants to see the world 36:00 how much sketch lost day trading 36:22 sketch is blessed, makes content for fun 38:16 sketch betted on trump 40:40 sketch shooting vlogs? 41:58 what gets to sketch from the people on the internet 45:32 what other creators sketch had watched 46:51 sketch and adin ross 47:43 who sketch is most excited to make content with 48:20 is social media overwhelming to sketch 51:33 the hardest part of streaming 55:21 the fan bases between twitch and kick 58:10 brad got into content because of video games 1:00:49 the number one thing brad does now 1:02:56 sketch looking for a girl 1:07:16 how long brad has been podcasting for 1:07:40 brad on sketch’s content 1:09:08 stevewilldoit joins the podcast 1:10:13 Steve on YouTube
    1h 18m 7s
  • 7x Mr Olympia Phil Heath Vs Ronnie Coleman, The Healthiest Way to do Steroids...

    27 MAR 2024 · This podcast is sponsored by Transcend, go to This Podcast is sponsored by Prizepicks. Download Prizepicks today and use CODE: BRADLEY when you sign up to get a $100 matched deposit for first time depositors! 0:00 Intro  0:20 prizepicks ad 2:26 brad used to compete in mens physique 3:48 phil won the 2012 olympia then went to compete in india a week after 4:56 Phil on steroids 7:55 Ronnie coleman 9:23 Phil kept it minimal 14:34 steroids is not a joke 16:22 transcend 17:51 would phil have had a longer career with a coach for bloodwork etc. 19:30 people expecting more in sports 25:12 2014 phill being the villan / social media just started to pick up 28:04 the best collab 29:25 kai and Phils beef 32:04 body building being subjective 34:48 social media changing the judges decisions 37:31 body building the most negative sport 38:37 Phil or Ronnie in their prime 42:36 Phils relationship with jay 46:08 phils perspective on the change of bodybulding 54:43 Phil not posting on social media 1:02:44 does dwayne the rock johnson take steroids? 1:04:36 supplements to take and what helps 1:05:59 transcend ad 1:09:26 the effect of peptides 1:12:35 bringing people together 1:15:45 people thinking the government has our best interests 1:17:34 having a choice, taking choice becoming a problem 1:23:02 mental health 1:28:26 are you prepared for the worst? 1:31:38 Ai effecting our lives 1:35:34 owning a gun 1:41:36 comedians can’t be funny anymore 1:42:54 the fitness community being fake 1:43:50 critical thinking aspect 1:44:26 Kobe Bryant’s passing 1:45:27 the questions asked at the expo 1:50:34 taking gear seriously and understanding it 1:58:25 drug addiction and drug abuse 2:00:26 writing in a journal 2:01:35 the negativity on the internet 2:06:03 the relationship between father and son for phil 2:09:02 not sitting with someones opinion and deflect 2:09:36 the 80s era 2:12:25 what brad wants for the remainder of this year 2:14:32 what the future holds for phil and having kids 2:21:16 creating balance in life 2:25:56 to the single men out there at this time in life 2:28:41 if Phil had to do life all over again… 2:32:21 how to decide if someone is worth it? 2:40:50 people starting to date robots 2:41:53 black mirror coming to real life 2:44:58 what movie will play out in our life time 2:48:03 someone is going to figure it out with a longer life 2:50:31 recovery / therapy Phil does 2:55:53 Phil says he could still compete today 2:57:35 influencers chasing a bag… 2:59:38 when brad new it was important to trademark his names 3:01:33 the problem with the internet 3:02:46 youngla and Rawgear… 3:05:17 company that copied Phil’s supplements 3:07:16 the ego of making a lot of money 3:14:46 not having to take from eachother on the internet 3:17:51 creating your own community 3:22:16 brad and phil’s audience 3:25:43 craziest thing someone had done at an expo 3:34:33 laugh at your life 3:34:58 any regrets for brad In life? 3:35:47 we all are headed to a destination that changes based on our actions 3:39:07 Phil doesn’t hit legs 3:39:39 if brad could train with any non body builder who would it be? 3:41:29 what Phil is making this year about 3:44:05 most calories phil has ever eaten for a comp prep 3:50:27 body building diets to gain weight 3:54:46 content plans for brad and Phil 3:55:35 opinion on the sport of body building now
    4h 2m 8s
  • Steiny Confronts Bob Menery, Mike Majlak on leaving impaulsive, & No Diddy...

    27 MAR 2024 · This podcast is sponsored by Schedule 35. Get 15% off with code RAWTALK at This podcast is sponsored by Zippix. Go to and get 10% off your first order with code RAWTALK10 at checkout. 0:00 Intro 0:47 Bob Menery Call 12:25 steiny being bobs assistant 13:33 what steiny has noticed changed about himself 15:09 streamers 16:28 the change in social media 17:46 diddy 18:15 negativity every going to come out of style? 20:08 mike majlak call 32:40 Steiny on making more money 33:34 Ryan Garcia 34:18 schedule 35 ad 37:06 dan schneider 40:39 catching a predator 42:54 Andrew tate 43:57 fully believing of where you are at now in life 46:23 steinys close friends 47:30 loss of loyalty 50:19 the internet being in a weird space 51:20 biggest celebrity steiny has gone up to 52:13 brad being socially awkward 52:58 steinys chick 54:29 what changes at 30 55:20 zippix ad 56:49 divorce rate 1:00:17 at what point does steiny completely evolve his content 1:02:56 steiny wants to buy and live in a wraith 1:05:44 if mr beast sold something on youtube 1:08:03 nelboys own version of survivor 1:10:17 moving to Florida with stevewilldoit 1:12:52 737 boeing 1:15:09 space x rocket 1:15:33 alien invasion 1:16:31 something terrible happening in the next few years... 1:19:23 what you see on x 1:22:01 megan fox drinking mgks blood 1:22:59 ohtani and the dodgers 1:23:54 gambling
    1h 27m 48s


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