Year of Polygamy: The Birth of Mormon Fundamentalism, Episode 73
Image from (credit: Brian Hales)


Join Lindsay as she interviews Brian Hales, author of  Modern Polygamy: The Generations After the Manifesto about his views on the beginnings of the different Mormon Fundamentalist groups.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

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Brian Hales’ Joseph Smith polygamy site

Brian Hales’ site containing Mormon documents (a must see!)

Books by Brian Hales

Year of Polygamy: The 1886 Revelation, Episode 68


Join Lindsay as she interviews Mithryn about the genesis of contemporary Mormon Fundamentalism, the 1886 revelation, and his experiences with fundamentalists.


Links mentioned in this podcast:


The 1886 Revelation (wiki)

The 1886 Revelation (Brian Hales)

Text of the 1886 Revelation

Mithryn’s polygamy timeline

Mithryn’s site: Exploring Mormonism