Epsiode 113: Listening to Wise Women

Join Lindsay as she interviews Lynne Kanavel Whitesides (a member of the “September Six“), Lorie Stromberg from Ordain Women and Mary Ellen Robertson of Sunstone, as they discuss experiencing the events of the early 1990’s and how they got through it.


Opening Bumper and clip of Margaret Toscano comes from the amazing documentary from¬† PBS Frontline’s “The Mormons.”¬† Watch the entire program online!

Episode 100: Church Discipline and Women

Join Lindsay as she talks with April from the Exponent ii about how church discipline affects women.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

April’s Series about Church Discipline:
Part One: Church Discipline: Women Disciplined by Men

Part Two: Five More LDS Church Discipline Policies That Affect Women Unequally

Sunstone article on dealing with spiritual abuse.

Lavina Fielding Anderson and the Mormon Alliance chronicling ecclesiastical abuse.

April’s podcast on The History of Correlation.

BONUS EPISODE: The September Six and Other Disciplined Dissidents

To remember the events of September 1993, and the events that led up to and followed, we present a series of three bonus podcasts to be released this month (September 2012). Today, join Kaimi and Alyssa as they give the historical context of the excommunicated intellectuals and feminists dubbed, “The September Six.” They also discuss other prominent feminists punished for their work and beliefs. This is not to be missed!

Links discussed in this podcast:

Sunstone Magazine article about the events

Lavina’s excellent, very thorough chronology of church acts prior to 1993

Lavina’s retrospective

Paul Toscano’s Sunstone Piece

Maxine Hanks’ “Women and Authority”

Michael Quinn’s “Pillars of My Faith”