Year of Polygamy: From Polygamy to Peace- The Changing Church, Episode 69

Join Lindsay as she discusses what the LDS church looked like at the turn of the century and how it slowly started shifting from being a polygamous church and the causalities that involved.



Links mentioned in this podcast:

The Mormon Experience by Leonard J Arrington/ Davis Bitton

She Had a (Relief Society) Question, 1928

Few Minutes in the North Weber Stake, 22 June 1919

The Polygamous Wives Writing Club by Paula Kelly Harline

Episode 123: Perfectionism and False Realities in the Perfect Mormon Family


Lindsay interviews Christine Burton, daughter of O. Preston Robinson (Former Publishing Editor of the Deseret News) and Christine Hinckley Robinson (Former member of the General Board of Relief Society and Correlation Committee and sister to President Gordon B. Hinckley) about her life growing up in the “perfect Mormon family” and all the pressures that entailed.