Year of Polygamy: The 1886 Revelation, Episode 68


Join Lindsay as she interviews Mithryn about the genesis of contemporary Mormon Fundamentalism, the 1886 revelation, and his experiences with fundamentalists.


Links mentioned in this podcast:


The 1886 Revelation (wiki)

The 1886 Revelation (Brian Hales)

Text of the 1886 Revelation

Mithryn’s polygamy timeline

Mithryn’s site: Exploring Mormonism

Year of Polygamy: Joseph’s Polygamy Revelations, Episode 65

Join Lindsay as she interviews Clair Barrus from Today in Mormon History  about the revelations Joseph Smith had about polygamy, including the revelation that lead to D&C 132.

Links mentioned in this podcast:
Religion and Sexuality: The Shakers, the Mormons, and the Oneida Community by Lawrence Foster

Clair’s blog Today in Mormon History

The Polygamy Revelations of Joseph Smith article with footnotes

Shindle affidavit on seduction.

Pratt/Schindle story in the Sangamo Journal

Brian Hales’ position on these issues

Year of Polygamy: Hannah Tapfield King -English Poetess, Episode 64



Join Lindsay as she discusses the life of a remarkable woman, Hannah Tapfield King.

Links mentioned in this podcast:


“As the Bird Sings” BYU Studies Article on Hannah

Hannah Tapfield King’s journals transcript

Hannah’s autobiography in her own hand

Ben Park’s bio of Hannah on Juvenille Instructor




December 7th, 2014


Join Cami and Meg as they discuss this bold new action in which active, inactive and non-members can participate this Christmas Season. The first step for many is awareness. Cami and Meg walk through the statistics of the crisis afflicting the youth in Zion. Then they plan out the ways in which we can become more educated, educate our LDS community and prevent further suffering.

Help us to create the day in which this event is no longer necessary!



Suicide Hotline Prevention

1-800-273-TALK (8255)


The Trevor Project

Family Education LDS Booklet

Safe and Sound


Mormons & Gays

Gay Mormon Stories

I’ll Walk With You

Year of Polygamy: Post-Manifesto Marriages, Episode 62

Join Lindsay as she discusses several of the most prominent known marriages that happened after both the 1890 manifesto and the 1904 manifesto.



Links mentioned in this podcast:

Solemn Covenant, The Mormon Polygamous Passage

The Mormon Hierarchy: Extensions of Power

Mormon Polygamy: A History

Sunstone: After the Manifesto

LDS Church Authority and New Plural Marriages

D. Michael Quinn: The Second Manifesto

D. Michael Quinn’s Plural Marriages After the Manifesto

Family Kingdom by Samuel Taylor

Additional notes:

Remarks of Wilford Woodruff at Cache Stake Conference, Logan, Utah, 1891-11-01; reported at Wilford Woodruff, “Remarks”, Deseret Weekly (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1891-11-14; excerpts reprinted in LDS Church, “Official Declaration—1”, Doctrine and Covenants.

Diary entry of Marriner W. Merrill, 1890-10-06 (LDS Church archives), as cited in: Hardy 1992, p. 141.

Flake, Kathleen (2003), The Politics of American Religious Identity: The Seating of Senator Reed Smoot, Mormon Apostle, Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, ISBN 0-8078-5501-4, OCLC 5770734


Year of Polygamy: Polygamy and Abuse Intro, Episode 61

Lindsay speaks with Kristy Money, author of a recent oped discussing’s essays on polygamy and how they can contribute to grooming and predatory behavior.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

FAIR Mormon’s take on these issues.

Brian Hales’ views on these issues.

Todd Compton’s take on these issues.

Grant Palmer’s take on these issues.

Critic’s views on these issues

Mormon Think’s take on these issues.

Shindle affidavit on seduction.

Pratt/Schindle story in the Sangamo Journal

Anti-mormon literature at the time