FMBC “The Gift of Fear” Part 1


Take the time to understand your greatest weapon against victimization – the gift of fear.  Our panel discusses this gift using insights found in Gavin De Becker’s best selling book “The Gift of Fear”. In part one,  anthropologist Chelsea Strayer and SVU detective Nik Rasheta talk about how the gift of fear works to keep us alive.

FMBC Trailer: THE GIFT OF FEAR trailer starring Oprah Winfrey and Gavin De Becker

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Listen to the Oprah and world renown crime prevention expert Gavin De Becker give a 3 minute glimpse into his book “The Gift of Fear” a book that has saved thousands of lives. If you are interested in hearing more, stay tuned for the full recordings on FMBC with expert panelists Chelsea Strayer and Detective Nikolas Rashetta, discussing with Cami what this Gift is and how we use to stay alive every day.

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