FMBC “Confessions of a Latter-Day Virgin” by Nicole Hardy

This book has the uncanny ability to speak to a variety of people: the single adult in the church, married couples,  childless couples, parents, divorced members, women of all ages, a member in faith crisis or  those with a family member who is, struggling artists and professionals, those in the LDS  gay community, and so on…

If you teach or lead single adults in the church, this is a MUST READ in order to better understand your congregation’s  church experience and unique perspective.

Now, sit back and enjoy listening to Cami, “E” and  Nicole Hardy, herself, speak in depth about her memoir and journey as a single-adult Mormon woman.


(Confessions of a Latter-Day Virgin, Nicole Hardy, “Let it Go” by Demi Lovato [Frozen], Wendy Montgomery,)

FMBC “When Women Were Birds” by Terry Tempest Williams

There are books that can be read, studied and discussed; and then there are books that need to be experienced. Join Cami, Katrina and Sara as they express their experience of Terry Tempest William’s masterpiece, “When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice” and experience for yourself the effects of her words on women today.


(Sara Bareilles “Eden”, Spiral Jetty , L’Origine du monde by Gustave Courbet, Terry Tempest Williams)

Epidsode 7: Mommy P*rn

Join Lisa, Sara, and Malia as they explain to interested observer Lindsay, the appeal of Romance Novels and Erotica and their relationship to feminism.

Opening theme:A Dramatic Reading of extracts from ‘The Manila Envelope’; the latest romantic thriller from Gail Wesley-Snipes..

Top 100 Romances Poll ..

Lisa’s list of recommendations:
Diana Gabaldon- Outlander
Laura Kinsale – Flowers from the Storm
Jennifer Cruise- Bet Me
Suzanne Brockmann- Flashpoint
Connie Brockaway- A Bridal Season
Madeline Hunter – By Design
Mary Balogh – A Summer to Remember
Charlaine Harris- Dead after Dark
Shana Abe- The Smoke Thief
Susan Elizabeth Phillips- Breathing Room
Pamela Morsi – The Love Charm
Julia Quinn – The Duke and I