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As an LDS woman in Norway, Marion shares her thoughts in both English and in her native tongue,  about  the potential of women’s ordination in the LDS church.

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(All Are Alike Unto God)

Bonus Podcast: Maxine Hanks on Revisionist History

Join Alyssa and Kaimi as they interview Maxine Hanks about her landmark book of feminist scholarship Women and Authority: Emerging Mormon Feminism (1993). As one of the September Six, Maxine recalls her excommunication in 1993 and her recent return to full activity in Mormonism earlier this year. She also discusses the need to excavate the Mormon feminism of the past and explains why it’s important for us to examine the events of the September Six with scholarly objectivity, taking all possible perspectives into consideration.

Image credit: Justin Hackworth Photography

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(updated with better audio) Bonus Podcast: Margaret and Paul Toscano on Online Mormonism Today and Mormonism in the 90’s

Join Lindsay, Kaimi and Alyssa and guests Margaret and Paul Toscano as they discuss shifting dynamics and tensions within Mormonism today and yesterday. Margaret and Paul use the story of their own excommunications from the LDS church (during the September Six and after) as a springboard to set out a provocative set of ideas about the past, present, and potential future of the LDS community.

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BONUS EPISODE: The September Six and Other Disciplined Dissidents

To remember the events of September 1993, and the events that led up to and followed, we present a series of three bonus podcasts to be released this month (September 2012). Today, join Kaimi and Alyssa as they give the historical context of the excommunicated intellectuals and feminists dubbed, “The September Six.” They also discuss other prominent feminists punished for their work and beliefs. This is not to be missed!

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Lavina’s excellent, very thorough chronology of church acts prior to 1993

Lavina’s retrospective

Paul Toscano’s Sunstone Piece

Maxine Hanks’ “Women and Authority”

Michael Quinn’s “Pillars of My Faith”