N.O.W. (Narrating Ordain Women) is a project of FMH to bring understanding of people who have posted their profile on Ordain Women.

As an LDS woman in Norway, Marion shares her thoughts in both English and in her native tongue,  about  the potential of women’s ordination in the LDS church.

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(All Are Alike Unto God)

“I AM KATE”: Sara Speaks

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In response to the disciplinary action waged against Kate Kelly and John Dehlin, a 12-year old “youth of Zion” asked to speak  her thoughts and feelings.

Sara expresses how the church’s response makes her feel and why she respects and appreciates John and Kate.


(NY Times Disciplinary Article, Ordain Women, Mormon Stories)



FMBC “The Gift of Fear” Part 2


In part two, Cami discusses how the gift of fear saved the lives of her , her mother and siblings on her eighth birthday.

If there are victims of violence of any kind, including veterans suffering from PTSD, please see the resources provided below for further assistance.

1. Victims of Crime Nationwide 

2. National Center of Domestic and Sexual Violence  

3. National Organization for Victim Assistance

4. RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest Nationwide Network)

5. National Center for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

I apologize to my international friends and listeners for not having your country’s victim resources for you on this page. If anyone has a resource from their country that they would like to list here, please post it on this page and I will update it. Thank you  – Cami


(Madonna “Live To Tell” )