N.O.W. 20 Chelsea Strayer

chelseastrayerN.O.W. (Narrating Ordain Women) is a project of FMH to allow those with  profiles on Ordain Women share their stories.

Chelsea, an anthropologist, professor, leader in LDS social change and a Mormon woman, shares her thoughts about women’s ordination .  If you would like to post your profile for O.W., please contact them here.


(LDS WAVE, Infants on Thrones with Chelsea, LDS Exponent, Special Brownies story, FMBC “Half the Sky”)

Episode 55: Church History in Black and White — Examining Mormonism’s Racial Past

The LDS church has a complicated history in race relations, and that history continues to shape the experience of church members today. But what does LDS racial history look like, and how do church members today experience its effects?

Join Kaimi, Janan, Trine and Danielle for a discussion about the experience of race and the LDS community (with a particular focus on women’s issues), both through church history and into the 21st Century. Continue reading “Episode 55: Church History in Black and White — Examining Mormonism’s Racial Past”

Episode 42: The Succession Crisis and LDS Priesthood

Join Kaimi as he interviews LDS historian Ben Park, Community of Christ (RLDS) historian John Hamer and Danielle Mooney as they discuss the complicated narrative of proper lines of priesthood authority, who really was supposed to follow Joseph Smith as prophet of the Mormon church and how Brigham Young’s church differs from other factions in Mormonism.


Links mentioned in this podcast:

Some of Ben Park’s published articles.
John Hamer’s website.

John Hamer’s important graphic: Showdown at Nauvoo
John Hamer’s awesome graphic of rival churches.
John Hamer’s great graphic on diverging paths and beliefs of LDS and RLDS.
D. Michael Quinn’s BYU Studies article on the Succession Crisis.