FMBC “Embracing Coincidence: Transforming Your Life Through Synchronicity”


Imagine the Universe is speaking to you through a series of coincidences; telling you not to worry, telling you it’s going to be o.k., telling you that you are loved. How can we hear these messages when they’re given? When they are needed the most? How can they help us in our journey?

Join Cami and BYU Professor, Zina Petersen in their interview with renown author, actress, poet and activist Carol Lynn Pearson about her book “Embracing Coincidence: Transforming Your Life Through Synchronicity”.  Learn how you can not only see coincidences in your life but how you can start allowing them to transform it!

(Doves and Serpents, Deepak Chopra, Synchro-destiny)

Episode 101: Mama Dragon Series – Finding the Mama Dragon Within

When Meg Abhau’s 13 year old son came out of the closet in 2013, her  world turned upside down. Since then, she has not only found the “Mama Dragon” within but has enlisted the help of Mama Dragons everywhere.  Listen while  Cami interviews Meg and Anissa as they discuss what a Mama Dragon is, why Dragon Allies are desperately needed and how we can ALL become one.  Working together, we can create a safer environment for our LGBT youth who are at a high risk of suicide and homelessness.

[Note: all Dragon Dads and any form of Dragon Allies are welcome!]


1. Family Acceptance Project- PDF packet

2. One and Ten

3. Trevor Project

4. OUTreach

5. The Queens Tea

6. GSA (Gay Straight Alliance – start one in your school)



2. GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) at schools

3. (LDS website)

4. ALLsupport group (in Arizona)

5. Affirmations

6. No More Strangers


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Episode 91: LDS Feminism and LGBT = United for Equality!

mormons-building-bridges-large canstockphoto7779337Join Cami, Edward and Meg as they discuss how the LDS Feminist &  LGBT communities can unite forces to achieve equality across sexually-defined borders.

(song “Postcards” by Bridgit Mendler, Ordain Women, WAVE, Homeless LGBT Youth in Utah, The Abhau Blogspot, AZ Youth, No More Strangers, Mormons and Gays, Human Rights Campaign, Affirmations, Joanna Brooks,  Carol Lynn Pearson, PGLAG: Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays)