Year of Polygamy: The 1886 Revelation, Episode 68


Join Lindsay as she interviews Mithryn about the genesis of contemporary Mormon Fundamentalism, the 1886 revelation, and his experiences with fundamentalists.


Links mentioned in this podcast:


The 1886 Revelation (wiki)

The 1886 Revelation (Brian Hales)

Text of the 1886 Revelation

Mithryn’s polygamy timeline

Mithryn’s site: Exploring Mormonism

4 Replies to “Year of Polygamy: The 1886 Revelation, Episode 68”

  1. You refer to the strong tradition of lying the Church engaged in to obscure the whole polygamy fiasco. Lying became firmly entrenched in the culture. I think the idea that the women who testified in the Temple Lot case could have been lying about their relationship to Joseph Smith (at the behest of Brigham Young whose word was law) needs to be given greater consideration. It is unpopular among historians to wonder of Joseph Smith did, indeed, have 33 plus wives or practice plural marriage the way it is generally portrayed, but I think the evidence that his participation in the practice could have been fabricated or at least greatly exaggerated by subsequent church leaders is compelling.

    I would like to see an episode on these theories.

  2. Is there a link to Mythrin’s posts about obscure mormon beliefs and his research finding the sources of those beliefs from church leadership? I’d love to see those.

  3. I was excited to hear at the beginning of the podcast that donations to the podcast are tax deductible, but I cannot see any documentation of this on the website. Can you please post information about how to make a tax deductible donation?

  4. Enjoyed this very much. One small nit to pick: Jane Austen was writing her novels 1790-1817, nearly a century before the time period dealt with here.

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