Year of Polygamy: John W. Woolley, Episode 67

Join Lindsay as she discusses John W. Woolley, the “Father of Mormon Fundamentalism.”

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Brian Hales’ work on John W. Woolley


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  1. Loving these podcasts Lindsay! I do have a couple of factual issues with this one (questions really). At about 6:50 you mention John W. Woolley’s first plural wife, and state that she was the “widow of BH Roberts”. Wasn’t she actually BH Robert’s mother? (B.H. didn’t die until 1933 (my grandmother was his secretary btw), so it may have come as a shock to him in the 1880s that his wife was then widowed! 😉 Also, early on, when describing John W’s early Mormon history, you say that he came in a handcart company, but also say that he came to Utah in the 1840s. I didn’t think there were any handcart companies until the mid-1850s? Just wondering. R

    Really looking forward to these next episodes. Just don’t know that much about the “Mormon Fundamentalists”, although I’ve had dealings of one sort or another with a few of them over the years. Thanks so much for doing this.

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