Year of Polygamy: Phoebe Woodruff the Prophet’s Wife, Episode 63


Join Lindsay as she talks with historian Corey Howard about the life of Phoebe Woodruff, first wife to Wilford Woodruff (President of the LDS Church during the Manifesto period).


Todd Compton’s work on women married to Wilford Woodruff Woodruff’s teachings on marriage

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  1. While Mormons busily multiply post hoc explanations for Smith’s behavior, Occam’s Razor steers us directly to the obvious, namely, that Smith was a sexual predator. He used his prophet-fish status in his tiny Mormon-pool to manipulate women into acquiescence. For the horrors of polygamy, read Carolyn Jessop’s book, “Escape.” For the ridiculousness of it, read Joanne Hanks’ “It’s Not About the Sex My A**.” Smith’s original, alleged “revelation” where God commands polygamy is found in Section 132 of the Mormon scripture book Doctrine and Covenants.

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