Year of Polygamy: Polygamy and Abuse Intro, Episode 61

Lindsay speaks with Kristy Money, author of a recent oped discussing’s essays on polygamy and how they can contribute to grooming and predatory behavior.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

FAIR Mormon’s take on these issues.

Brian Hales’ views on these issues.

Todd Compton’s take on these issues.

Grant Palmer’s take on these issues.

Critic’s views on these issues

Mormon Think’s take on these issues.

Shindle affidavit on seduction.

Pratt/Schindle story in the Sangamo Journal

Anti-mormon literature at the time

5 Replies to “Year of Polygamy: Polygamy and Abuse Intro, Episode 61”

  1. Thank you so much for putting to words what I felt. Thank you for having the courage to challenge This power/faith structure that supports and defends the abuse and future abuse of so many women. Just in my life, I know a woman who married a man she didn’t want to because her husband had a revelation that they should be together, and since he is the priesthood holder, his revelation trumps her thoughts, and since god was “silent” on the matter to her, she took his revelation as her own personal prophecy.

  2. Kristy,

    I am confused about one thing. You admit that Joseph was wrong in his behavior but then you say that “even though he was deeply, deeply flawed, God could still work through him.” Let’s create a scenario that elucidates what you say. Your married daughter comes to you and says that her husband is marrying women behind her back, then calling them “whores” if they don’t submit and claiming that an angel with a flaming sword is commanding him to do this, otherwise he will be killed.” Would you say to your daughter, “Oh, he is deeply, deeply, flawed but God is still working through him”? The kinds of “flaws” I see in the people around me that still have God working through them do not even approach the magnitude of the evil that you and Lindsay are revealing in this podcast. If Joseph did those things, I do not believe him to be capable of receiving God’s true messages.

  3. I agree with Joy I think you are still very much in denial about the magnitude of the wrong being committed by Joseph Smith the Lord Jesus Christ does not work through men who are that deeply flawed because if he did he could work through people like Brian David Mitchell

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