Episode 117: Growing Up Biracial in the Church

Join Lindsay as she interviews Kalani and Eva about growing up biracial Polynesian in the LDS church and the unique challenges they faced.

5 Replies to “Episode 117: Growing Up Biracial in the Church”

  1. I enjoyed this podcast. Thanks Kalani and Eva for sharing your experience. And thanks Lindsay for all you do. It would still be interesting to hear from your friend Malia (sp?) on this topic.

  2. Lindsay, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate in this podcast. It was so much fun! And, yes, I hope we can do this again when Malia can be involved. 🙂

    And thanks for listening, christer1979, PETET, and Kate!

  3. Just got to listen to this yesterday. Thanks so much for posting this. And high-five from a biracial guy who grew up in Utah too. (Though I wasn’t raised LDS.) Lots of what you said resonated with me.

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