“I AM KATE”: Sara Speaks

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In response to the disciplinary action waged against Kate Kelly and John Dehlin, a 12-year old “youth of Zion” asked to speak  her thoughts and feelings.

Sara expresses how the church’s response makes her feel and why she respects and appreciates John and Kate.


(NY Times Disciplinary Article, Ordain Women, Mormon Stories)



8 Replies to ““I AM KATE”: Sara Speaks”

  1. Wow Sara. You are incredibly articulate for a 12-year-old. Thank you for checking out your feelings, then asking to share them. That makes you brave yourself!

  2. This young woman has clearly been indoctrinated by her mother. It was painful to listen to her. May the Lord have mercy on her as he did the Lamanites who were also led away by the false traditions of their parents.

    1. How heavily indoctrinated must you be that it was painful to listen to a 12 year old speak contrary to your beliefs?

      1. As indoctrinated as any of the members who want to get rid of people because they sympathize with those who feel marginalized. (Who Would Jesus Excommunicate?)

        Once again members are reminded that those of us who stand strong in our progressive believes, those who most stalwartly believe in continued revelation, should have no place in the LDS Church.

        That the Church, currently, does not ordain women the priesthood is surprising. After “the restored fullness of the gospel”, Joseph Smith ordained women (and blacks), and since no further revelation has come one would expect the Church to continually(!) have ordained women (and blacks).

        Jesus Christ, our supreme leader, prayed forgiveness on those who crucified(!) him so what Christian leader can, in good faith, reject those who ague for greater equality and compassion – a big-tent Church?
        I find it impossible to imagine Jesus Christ “excommunicating” someone because they were willing to dedicate their life to bringing love to those who feel marginalized.

        It seems like the LDS leaders wish that, anyone who does not fully obey to the game of ecclesiastical roulette would just disappears. But, thanks to the Internet, that will never happen.
        The supporters of John Dehlin and Kate Kelly will not become silenced by excommunication…
        By trying to take us down the leaders of the LDS Chuch only makes us stronger; prove our points valid.

        If the policy of the LDS Church is to excommunicate those who sympathise with the causes of John Dehlin and Kate Kelly then I volunteer for excommunication!

        1. Sadly, you’re preaching to the choir. I’m not a member, (never have been), but I am highly sympathetic to this issue seeing as I have lots of dear friends that are members of the LDS Church. They and everyone here at FMH are in my prayers and thoughts.

    2. Mark, when I first read your post, I was angry, but then I thought about it for a long time. I try to take truth from everything, including criticism. Sometimes it takes me longer than others to respond. I want to say that I appreciate your feedback. It helped me to be aware of any ways in which my emotions may affect my daughter. She is VERY independent and is not afraid to disagree with her father and myself regarding issues. But I’m aware that sometimes parents CAN transmit their emotional reactions to their children. I appreciate your feedback in that I am being more conscious in this regard. We may disagree in other ways, but I consider you my brother and wish you well. Cami

  3. Thank you Sara!
    The looser is not the one that “lost” The Good Fight but the one who was not willing to take it. 🙂
    I wonder if there wil be a big movement, following Kelly and John, if they are forced away from the Church?!

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