Year of Polygamy: Plural Marriage and the Martyrdom, Episode 36

Join Lindsay as she discusses the events leading up to the Martyrdom of Joseph Smith and how it affected the Saints and plural marriage afterwards.


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Episode 42: The Succession Crisis and LDS Priesthood.

Epsiode 113: Listening to Wise Women

Join Lindsay as she interviews Lynne Kanavel Whitesides (a member of the “September Six“), Lorie Stromberg from Ordain Women and Mary Ellen Robertson of Sunstone, as they discuss experiencing the events of the early 1990’s and how they got through it.


Opening Bumper and clip of Margaret Toscano comes from the amazing documentary from  PBS Frontline’s “The Mormons.”  Watch the entire program online!

N.O.W. 10 – Isabella


N.O.W. (Narrating Ordain Women) is a project of FMH in an effort to create understanding of the Ordain Women movement.

Listen to a 15 year old, Isabella’sthoughts about  the ordination of women in the LDS church.  If you would like to post your profile for O.W., please contact them here


(recorded before Kate’s trial announcement and hearing)

“I AM KATE”: Sara Speaks

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In response to the disciplinary action waged against Kate Kelly and John Dehlin, a 12-year old “youth of Zion” asked to speak  her thoughts and feelings.

Sara expresses how the church’s response makes her feel and why she respects and appreciates John and Kate.


(NY Times Disciplinary Article, Ordain Women, Mormon Stories)