Episode 100: Church Discipline and Women

Join Lindsay as she talks with April from the Exponent ii about how church discipline affects women.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

April’s Series about Church Discipline:
Part One: Church Discipline: Women Disciplined by Men

Part Two: Five More LDS Church Discipline Policies That Affect Women Unequally

Sunstone article on dealing with spiritual abuse.

Lavina Fielding Anderson and the Mormon Alliance chronicling ecclesiastical abuse.

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5 Replies to “Episode 100: Church Discipline and Women”

  1. Comment on the podcast today said that information recorded by the clerk is kept as part of your church Records:

    1. For a Council that ends in ‘Probation’ paperwork is completed and sent to the Stake President. That papwerwork never goes into the Church, and when the follow-up council is held and the ‘end’ paperwork comes to the stake office the previous documentation is matched and both are shredded.

    2. Either Excommunication or Disfellowshipment – that paperwork goes through to the Stake President and recorded at SLC. That information is only retained on a record if there is a safety issue related to the sin like child endangerment, etc…

    I’ve been involved with a case where the SP wanted data from a previous council that was held for a man who was disfellowshipped and that data was not available to the SP (if it had been an excommunication, I imagine that is still kept at SLC, but can’t speak to that particular situation.

  2. Or it’s kept at the bishop’s house to be found a few years later by his uber-organized daughter (me) who read all the details of someone’s emotional and sexual affair. Where are these papers SUPPOSED to be? Not in my dad’s home office, for sure.

  3. This was so hard for me to listen to. I had intercourse with my husband before we were married. The discipline we received was completely unequal. My husband, a returned missionary so therefore endowed member, was called in patted on the back, and told that it happens and he would be forgiven with prayer and fasting. I, an un-endowed sister was tried by a full court. 12 men sat in judgement of me and asked me terrible descriptive questions re: the nature of my physical response to the sexual acts. I was angry and fought back. I told them they could not ask those types of questions, and demanded the 6 who were pretending to be “on my side.” Stand up for me. None did. I pressed why my husband (boyfriend at the time) was not being tried by a court and was told that was none of my business. I told them I confessed to the sin, and they would get no descriptive details from me. I even went as far as to tell them I was counting their hands on top of the table to make sure they were not further abusing me. I was told they could tell I was repentant, and had experienced a change of heart. I told them to seek their own court and repentance. In the end I was told not to take the sacrament for 1 month, the exact same punishment my husband received for the same act. This is my story, and it is true. I remain a member of the church, but my relationships with authority have changed tremendously, I’m known as outspoken, and a rebel.

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