Episode 77: Guilt

Join Lisa as she talks with Rebecca from Radiant and Real health about the topic of guilt and shame.

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PSA: Put Your Shoulders to the Wheel!

Labor Day Weekend, put your shoulder to the wheel by showing off your shoulders! Find an activity to clean up your community, dress in your “active-wear” attire and get to work! Hear more in the audio below!

Shoulders 2 the Wheel is designed to empower Latter-Day Saints of all ages to find & teach balance in doctrinal principles focusing on the topic of Modesty. We believe that we should have discussions with our children in which their bodies are celebrated when we discuss this topic. As church leaders have discussed this with them on local and global levels, we have received feedback from our children that the female shoulder has become taboo and a label of shame has been put upon any child (especially girls) who expose them, no matter how young.

We realize that body-shame is harmful to our children’s growth, their self-identity and can build a wedge between themselves and Divinity. As Latter-Day Saints, we want our children to distinguish between modesty and dress-codes based on age, attended events and covenants made. We ask our leaders to help differentiate these when addressing our young ones, through speech, magazines or the written word. Our goal for our children is that they have the best experience in discovering who they are. By eliminating body-shame, we hope to achieve this goal.

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Episode 75: Envy and Jealousy

Join Lindsay and Malia as they discuss “pink-on-pink” envy and jealousy amongst women and the role the patriarchy could play in it.

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Woman-on-woman jealousy: worst motivator ever, or worst motivator ever?
Why are women so critical of each other?
Pyschology Today’s articles on Jealous
Opening bumper: Dr. Phil clip

Episode 73: The History of LDS Correlation

Join Lindsay as she talks with April from the Exponent ii as she talks about the history of LDS Priesthood Correlation.

Links mentioned and helpful histories on correlation:
April’s blog post: Ordination is the Answer to Correlation
Correlation: An Uncorrelated History (Part 1 — The Mormon Underground)
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