Episode 65: Mormon Women in the 21st century: Challenges, Hopes, and New Directions


Join Kaimi, Kristine, Colleen and Danielle as they discuss the questions: Does the LDS church meet the needs of women in the 21st Century? In what ways are women’s needs addressed, and in what ways do gaps remain? What are some ways that the institution might adapt to address unmet needs, and what might that look like?

Episode 64: Meet Chelsea Strayer

Chelsea Shields Strayer is a medical anthropologist, professor, mother, and Mormon feminist activist. Her dissertation explored the evolution and elicitation of placebo responses in indigenous ritual healing. She has spent a decade conducting fieldwork in Ghana, West Africa and getting a dual PhD in biological and cultural anthropology at Boston University. When she is not stuck in a room trying to finish writing her dissertation she is also heavily involved in Mormon feminism and is president of Mormons for ERA,, on the LDS WAVE board, is a perma blogger at Exponent (Whoa-man) and works regularly with Exponent Magazine, The Women’s Roundtable at Patheos.com, Mormon Matters, and Mormon Stories,