Episode 48: Is the World Getting Worse?



Please join Lindsay as she, Lisa and Chelsea discuss fears LDS people have about “the world getting worse” and other apocalyptic doctrine and how it fits with what is currently known about the current state of affairs in the world.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Big Think Statistics

Peter Diamandis’ TED talk

Slingshot Water Vapor Technology!

“Lesson 8: Living Righteously in a Wicked World,” Old Testament Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual, 32

Hidden Valley Stake Pres. De Visser talk

“Truth For Our Times” blog post at ByCommonConsent

“Better Angels of Our Nature” book about this topic

Ending bumper,
Bill Monroe’s “Wicked Path of Sin”

Beginning bumper, Skeeter Davis’ “End of the World”


6 Replies to “Episode 48: Is the World Getting Worse?”

  1. I found many similarities between the republican rhetoric and the “evils” that were mentioned by the Stake President. If you don’t have a good news source then your world view is skewed. As was mentioned knowledge is the best tool.
    I am a retired school teacher and once at school I was telling another teacher about the latest Nova program and her response when asked if she saw it was, “I don’t have cable.” I think she felt that there was nothing good on TV so she had closed herself off to all the good that is out there.

  2. I really liked this – a very uplifting point of view. I’ve been pondering lately how to reconcile the common thinking that the world is getting worse with a lot of other perspectives I hear about from healers, authors, energy therapists, etc. , that actually the people of the world are growing in awareness and consciousness in a very positive direction. I appreciate the statistics about the drastic reduction in all violence – that helps balance out my worry about the violence that still does exist, and gives me hope that it too will lessen over time. Thanks!

  3. The only place I ever hear this concept is at church. I can not think of a time when I would rather live (when the world was better). We recently had a nationwide broadcast Stake Conference from SLC, the first speakers talk was on this subject but he did not define what was worse or when it was better. He even went so far as to say that Australia was worse.

    Crime is less, medicine is better, and available to more people, slavery, rape etc are recognised as evil and being reduced, respect for minorities is better, standard of living is better, road deaths are fewer.

    The only thing I can think the people who make these statements can be thinking is the minorities are being accepted, women, gays, coloureds etc, and that this some how overcomes all the other advances that are being made.

    The leaders in the church who are advocating the church as a vehicle to help us live the Gospel do not use this concept. Uchtdorf doesn’t for example. So I think it is a way of saying I don’t like progress I’d rather be back some time in the past when my ideas were not questioned.

  4. Great stuff! I loved that you took this issue on, because this is one thing that bugs me a lot about church rhetoric. I think you all are spot on in pointing out that it ain’t actually so.

    Also, Lisa, I loved hearing you talk about standard deviations! 🙂

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