Episode 42: The Succession Crisis and LDS Priesthood

Join Kaimi as he interviews LDS historian Ben Park, Community of Christ (RLDS) historian John Hamer and Danielle Mooney as they discuss the complicated narrative of proper lines of priesthood authority, who really was supposed to follow Joseph Smith as prophet of the Mormon church and how Brigham Young’s church differs from other factions in Mormonism.


Links mentioned in this podcast:

Some of Ben Park’s published articles.
John Hamer’s website.

John Hamer’s important graphic: Showdown at Nauvoo
John Hamer’s awesome graphic of rival churches.
John Hamer’s great graphic on diverging paths and beliefs of LDS and RLDS.
D. Michael Quinn’s BYU Studies article on the Succession Crisis.

7 Replies to “Episode 42: The Succession Crisis and LDS Priesthood”

  1. Hamer’s graphics are always great, but I especially like these because it makes me feel like I could play a game of Settlers of Cataan with Latter Day Saint Succession Alternatives to Joseph Smith Jr. I have always been interested in this subject, especially those who sought to fill the void left by Joseph. An obscure reference I saw once regarding Alpheus Cutler inspired me to include a little Cutlerite symbolism on an album cover for an album called Odes that I recorded (two crescent moons back-to-back). When I get some time tonight I’ll take a listen to this. I’m excited.

  2. I just stumbled upon this podcast by accident but it was very interesting to me. So why do we as LDS people claim to have all of the keys in conference and at church? It sounds like none of the churches have all the keys. Did I hear that right? can someone explain this to me?

  3. Sorry, I’m new here, but have you guys ever considered a different podcast player? this one is just been awful to fight with. I can’t easily fast forward, the podcast randomly stops… I’m just listening on my couch and then have to get up and let it run again.

    Anyways, my two cents. Great job on the podcast, it is very interesting!

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