Episode 38: Meet Margaret Young

Join Lisa as she interviews BYU professor Margaret Young about her life and marriages, her work as a writer and filmmaker and her latest project the Heart of Africa movie.


Margaret Young has written lots of books, essays, scholarly articles, and has made a few films. She would mostly like to be known as a mom who goes to 12-step with her son. (She attends “family support”.) She has held her daughter for hours during that daughter’s panic attacks. She is well-acquainted with eating disorders. She has been divorced and knows what it’s like to be a single mom. She has the honor of being her dad’s chief foot rubber and is grateful for the bonus time provided by dialysis. She is not as beautiful as her mother, but is okay with that. One of her sons is a better writer than she is, and her oldest daughter will possibly become the best singer in the United States. That daughter is also a domestic marvel, something Margaret always intended to be but never managed. Margaret and her husband, Bruce, have been happily married for twenty-six years, though they were married twenty-seven years ago. The first year was pretty bad. She wants people to view the splash page of her current project at www.heartofafricafilm.com
Get ready to support Margaret’s latest project, the Heart of Africa movie.

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