Episode 34: What We’ve Learned From Lavina- Whom Do You Worship?


Whom do you worship? Join Lindsay, Kaimi, and Matt as they discuss values of the institution vs. values of the gospel and how much emphasis we place on both and the tension between the two, using Lavina Fielding Anderson’s essays as a field guide.

Links mentioned in this podcast:
Lavina’s essay, The Ambiguous Gift of Obedience

Lavina’s essay, Jesus Wants Me For A….


12 Replies to “Episode 34: What We’ve Learned From Lavina- Whom Do You Worship?”

  1. Hmmm… I think Lavina would probably say “Whom Do You Worship.” 😉

    I’m looking forward to listening to it later tonight. Lavina is one of my favorite people on this earth.

  2. Great podcast!

    Where can I find the article that was referenced in the podcast entitled “Rational Faith” or something like that? A link was mentioned but I can’t find it.


  3. This was full of great thoughts! It’s amazing how we have these very strong cultural norms/standards/rules that we pressure ourselves and each other to follow as being integral to being an active/full fledged member. This gets in the way of actually following the true principles of what we say we believe! Loved the example of the girl being asked to leave because she had a low cut shirt. Happens all the time with YW – instead of loving, accepting and recognizing who they really are as a person. The obedience topic was very relevant as I find it very interesting that we are asked to be obedient to what is being taught now while finding validation in ignoring things in the past that were being taught (by prophets/apostles) as not a big deal or relevant (polygamy, black/priesthood, birth control, etc). For the members who lived during those times they were not given the option to “choose” to disobey or ignore them!!! The teachings were highly relevant to them during that time and the idea that “the prophet will never lead us astray” just opens the door to all kinds of misuse of authority.

  4. Thanks for a great podcast. This was so interesting and made me think about my actions towards others. I used to be incredibly self righteous. However, I’ve found that since mixing with more people outside of the church, I’m much more balanced. I think that helps increase tolerance.

  5. This podcast really helped me to understand some of the angst I feel from my dear Lds friends. I feel their sincere desire to love God and others and their never-ending feeling of doing it well enough. Sometimes their angst is expressed in depression, sometimes frustration and other times in anger. I wish they could all consider the quote you used near the beginning of the podcast…where your trust lies…..and I agree that the answer lies in the basic premise of this podcast. If our trust lies in anything other than the atonement of Christ for our sins…the church, the rules, how well we are doing with our families….anything, then we will be trapped in an endless cycle of failure. On the other hand, if we accept that Christ’s blood really DOES cover all of our sins, we will be free of any future judgement and able to love Him and others for no other reason than gratitude. Sorry, I know that doesn’t come at this issue from a Mormon approach, but it’s my two cents anyway 🙂

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