Episode 22: SAHM’s and $$ Money

Join Lindsay and Malia as they discuss finances with Belinda, a banking manager from Montana. They focus on how to specifically protect yourself as a stay-at-home-parent and how to better prepare yourself and become more financially independent.

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Episode 21: Feminism Wants What You Want

Feminists aren’t that different than you! Join Lindsay, Danielle, Meredith and Amanda as they discuss four controversial topics, (Men, modesty, pornography and abortion) and why we have the same goals as our faithful LDS sisters who don’t identify with the title of “Feminist.” We talk about common misconceptions about Mormon Feminism and explain how we could possibly identify with “Pro-Choice” or “Anti-modesty” positions. Give us a listen and see if we have more in common than we realize.

Lindsay’s modesty post can be found here.
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Episode 20: Meet Nat Kelly

Join fmhLisa as she interviews Nat Kelly from the Feminist Mormon Housewives blog about her life, her feminism and her passionate beliefs for worker’s rights. *Please forgive the audio quality on this podcast. It is well worth the listen!

Support Nat Kelly’s work at Hyatt Hurts.org!

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Episode 19: Daughters in My Kingdom – The Lost Chapter

Join Alyssa, Claudia Bushman, George Miller and Kaimi as they kick off the next podcast in the Daughters in My Kingdom series. This monthly series is devoted to exploring a scholarly, uncorrelated history of women in the church. It mirrors the chapter structure of the LDS Church’s recent publication by the same name. In this episode, they cover the sealed portion of the Daughters in My Kingdom book. (Just kidding.) But in all seriousness, since women were actively involved in Mormonism long before the organization of the Relief Society in Nauvoo, we decided that there needed to be a discussion of women’s participation in Mormonism in the early decades of the church—hence this is called “The Lost Chapter” of the Daughters in My Kingdom book. As such, this podcast covers the history of Mormon women in the New York, Kirtland, and Missouri periods of the church as well as the historical context in which Mormonism emerged. For example, did you know that Mormonism came into being in the same geographical location and time period as the early American women’s rights movement? Did you know that Lucy Mack Smith was occasionally referred to as a Prophetess by the Mormon community? Did you know that women spoke loudly against the fact that men were receiving ordinances in the Kirtland temple without them? All of that and more is covered in this episode, so keep listening!

Image credit: Portrait of Lucy Mack Smith holding a Book of Mormon and sitting under a framed portion of the Egyptian papyri in the Book of Abaraham. This portrait was painted by Sudcliffe Maudsley.

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