Episode 18: Women With Priesthood: A Talk With Female CoC (RLDS) Church Leaders

Join Lindsay as she speaks with Robin Linkhart, quorum president Western USA Mission Field for the Community of Christ (also known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and JoAnn Fisher, a minister in the Community of Christ as they discuss being a female and holding priesthood in their church. They also discuss the impact women’s ordination has had on their church, their families and on them personally.

The Community of Christ’s Website

Contact Robin at rlinkhart@CofChrist.orgFEMINIST INFO RATING SYSTEM:

Episode 17: Feminist Kryptonite: Disney

Join Lindsay and Malia as they discuss Lindsay’s biggest “Feminist Kryptonite,” Disney and the Disney Princess franchise and its potentially harmful gender stereotypes.

Artemis’ Tinkerbell Post mentioned in the podcast.

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Episode 16: Male and Feminist, A Discussion With Brad Kramer

Join Lisa as she interviews Brad Kramer from By Common Consent (BCC) as he discusses his ‘feminist awakening’ and how his views about women and the church have evolved and shifted over time. He also discusses concerns close to his heart, like modesty and his unique views on female ordination within the church. Brad Kramer lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with his wife and five children. He is a PhD candidate in anthropology and is writing a dissertation on secrecy, gender, and kinship in Mormonism. He is a regular contributor to BCC.

Links mentioned in this podcast:
Brad’s post on Heavenly Mother.


Episode 15: Domestic Violence

Join Lindsay as she interviews Meghan Raynes from the Exponent blog about the issue of domestic violence. Meghan (Mraynes) is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Domestic Violence Policy. Mraynes is also the mother to three children.

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Meghan’s advice on how to help a victim.

Power & Control and Equality Wheels.

DV incidence in Utah.