Episode 14: Daughters in My Kingdom Chapter 1 – Women in Early Christianity

Join Alyssa, Jana Riess and Jared Anderson as they kick off the first podcast in the Daughters in My Kingdom series. This monthly series is devoted to exploring a scholarly, uncorrelated history of women in the church. It mirrors the chapter structure of the LDS Church’s recent publication by the same name. In this episode, they trace the surprising history of women in early Christianity. They discuss the textual and historical evidence for women as spiritual leaders in the Old Testament, how Christ’s theology subverted the gender norms of his day, and the women who held the top positions of power in the early Pauline communities. They also explain how women gradually became oppressed and stripped of their high-profile roles in subsequent orthodox Christian cultures.

Image credit: A 9th century Christian mosaic from the Chapel of Zeno of Verona in Rome. The mosaic portrays four female figures: the women saints Prudentiana and Praxedis, the virgin Mary, and “a fourth woman whose hair is veiled and whose head is surrounded by a square halo—an artistic technique indicating that the person was still living at the time the mosaic was made. … A carefully lettered inscription identifies the face on the far left as Theodora Episcopa, which means Bishop Theodora. The masculine form for bishop is episcopus; the feminine form is episcopa. … But the a on Theodora has been partially effaced by scratches across the glass tile of the mosaic, leading to the disturbing conclusion that attempts were made to deface the feminine ending, perhaps even in antiquity” (Karen Jo Torjesen, When Women Were Priests 9-10).

Podcast Prologue Credit: Misquoting Jesus: The Story of Who Changed the Bible and Why by Bart Ehrman

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Bonus Podcast: Maxine Hanks on Revisionist History

Join Alyssa and Kaimi as they interview Maxine Hanks about her landmark book of feminist scholarship Women and Authority: Emerging Mormon Feminism (1993). As one of the September Six, Maxine recalls her excommunication in 1993 and her recent return to full activity in Mormonism earlier this year. She also discusses the need to excavate the Mormon feminism of the past and explains why it’s important for us to examine the events of the September Six with scholarly objectivity, taking all possible perspectives into consideration.

Image credit: Justin Hackworth Photography

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One last note: please be respectful to Maxine in your comments on this podcast!

Episode 13: Global Feminism and Poverty

Join Lindsay, Nat Kelly, Kate Kelly, and Missy Lambert as they discuss global poverty and how it affects women around the world. This will be the first in a series of issues dealing with feminism on a global scale.

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(updated with better audio) Bonus Podcast: Margaret and Paul Toscano on Online Mormonism Today and Mormonism in the 90’s

Join Lindsay, Kaimi and Alyssa and guests Margaret and Paul Toscano as they discuss shifting dynamics and tensions within Mormonism today and yesterday. Margaret and Paul use the story of their own excommunications from the LDS church (during the September Six and after) as a springboard to set out a provocative set of ideas about the past, present, and potential future of the LDS community.

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Episode 11: “I feel unequal” LDS WAVE

Join Tresa, Chelsea, Jenne and Jessica as they discuss their work with LDS WAVE (Women adovcating for voice and equality) and list the small and simple changes that could be made within the church to give women greater equity within the LDS church.

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BONUS EPISODE: The September Six and Other Disciplined Dissidents

To remember the events of September 1993, and the events that led up to and followed, we present a series of three bonus podcasts to be released this month (September 2012). Today, join Kaimi and Alyssa as they give the historical context of the excommunicated intellectuals and feminists dubbed, “The September Six.” They also discuss other prominent feminists punished for their work and beliefs. This is not to be missed!

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Episode 10: Feminist Kryptonite- Celeb Gossip

Lindsay and Malia discuss the first of a series of “Feminist Kryptonite” or things that feminists might like, but probably shouldn’t. In this episode they discuss celebrity gossip and culture and its harmful impact on society as well as their experience working within the industry.

Disclaimer: There are some children noises in the background on this one- sorry! Lindsay is a FMHousewife and that includes children sometimes!
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