Episode 5: Finding Your Light in the Darkness of Doubt

Image from Genevieve McGee .

Lindsay talks to Nikki, Brooke and Katrina about “The Light of Christ” and the concept of light in Mormonism and what happens to that light when our faith is in transition, we lose our faith, or we struggle.

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12 Replies to “Episode 5: Finding Your Light in the Darkness of Doubt”

  1. Man, I didn’t know Brooke was going through a divorce. Also, excited about the photography project of Katrina.

    As for light, I think it is a fruit of being authentic to one’s self. Each person interviewed (and you, Lindsay!) on this podcast emmantes light and authenticity in a lovely way, even if I can’t see you.

  2. Holy spam comments batman! Anyway…

    As a young person, I became sensitive to the vibes that I got from different people because I knew that if they vibed a certain way that I was not safe. (I agree that people shouldn’t be labeled as evil or devilish necessarily, but that didn’t mean I had to be around them.) I find it interesting that the feelings that say “be careful around this person” are sometimes strongest around people whose vibe and light didn’t match the smile and charisma on their face.

    Thank you for another great podcast!

  3. If you think you have to be Mormon to shine, you need to meet Sara Burlingame. And she has healing hugs. For reals.

  4. Almost forgot. Outstanding podcast. As usual. I thought I was the only one that worried about losing my shine.

  5. A Rilke poem seems relevant here:

    You darkness, that I come from
    I love you more than all the fires
    that fence in all the world,
    for the fire makes
    a circle of light for everyone,
    and then no-one outside learns of you.

    But the darkness pulls in everything:
    shapes and fires, animals and myself,
    how easily it gathers them! —
    Powers and people—

    And it is possible a great energy
    is moving near me.

    I have faith in nights.

  6. Idahospud,
    That poem is so beautiful. Your words about accepting your darkness have been a real life saver to me the past few weeks. I appreciated this episode so much because it’s really helping me look at my countenance differently. Thanks so much to all the panelists.

  7. Wow Brooke, that story was so inspiring to me. My husband has told me my light is gone too, even though I am stil lactive. He says its because I complain about gender issues in the church ansd it has darkened me. I felt so depressed about this forever. The story you told was beautiful and everything everyone else said was great too. Katrina it was so nice to hear you on a podcast and I hope to listen to more that you are on.

  8. Really enjoyed listening to these women share their experiences and thoughts. As someone going through a faith transition out of Mormonism it was helpful to hear about their questions about “losing the light” and how they have come to appreciate the new light they have found.

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