Pre-Episode: Mormon Feminism 101

Welcome to the Feminist Mormon Housewives Official Podcasting page! Below you can listen to our first recorded podcast (which was originally recorded for and generously cross-posted here).

Special thanks to John and Zilpha Larsen and Whitefields Educational Foundation for getting us set up! We have some exciting podcasts in the works and will publish them soon!

Until then, join Lisa Butterworth, Sara Burlingame, Lindsay Hansen Park, and Tresa Edmunds as they give an introduction to Mormon Feminism:

4 Replies to “Pre-Episode: Mormon Feminism 101”

  1. I am a feminist… And i love nice clothes and dressing up nicely and have some make up. No the heavy kind but the soft light kind.. I love wearing lipstiks…I dont wear high heel shoes too much because they hurt my feet but i still love nice dainty shoes… I dont polish my nails that much but i like transparent nail polish slightly tainted…. and i just love earrings.

    And i am a feminist….. Not the kind that want men out ….. the kind that want men to change so that theylove women the way they should with their whole heart, mind. With respect and tenderness… with fidelity and caring …. The kind of love Jesus would all of us have for one another. Caring and taking care of each other, helping and encouraging each other, cherishing each other ….. and not be men’s sexual object, servant or baby breeder … in clear if we men treated us and loved us that way, the intimate relationship would only come as the ultimate union of love and passion but with the caring and respect that two human beings who truly love each other should have and the concern for the other person well being ….

    So yes i am a feminist…. and i also love being femine … as much as i can as i am approaching my 60th birthday..

    And feminism is not about denying being a woman or looking down on women who stay at home … it is about men treating us the proper way when we stay at home to raise children and giving us our just place in our society if, for all sorts of reason, we decide to work or do not marry for all various reasons.

  2. There is nothing wrong about stay at home moms .. it is just not possible for many …. and more appropriately, unless you have a very good husband whom you can trust to be faithful and nice till the end; it is risky …

    I know i come from a family of six where my mother stayed at home to raise us …. and my dad left us when my little sister, the 6th was just born…

    I never wanted to experience that situation….so i decided that unless i met the dream guy who loved and whom i loved …. it was much safer for me to work ….

    It was a choice for survival …. not my ideal choice

  3. you know what …. if Jesus had chosen 6 women, 6 men from all races and from all walk of lives and had used the democratic process in setting up the doctrines and principles of the religion to establish the best world possible …. then we would not be in this mess … because the position of women from any origin or walk of life would have been secured as equal to that of men from the start…

    Sexism and unfair treatment of genders are the outcome of religions having been made by men often to their own profit and the expense of women…. what if from the beginning men and women had been equal partners in family life, society at large and religions….

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